Integrated marketing content to drive sales and engage clients.

SimplePart is an e-commerce solution provider for the auto parts industry. As a designer, I kickstarted the production of our comprehensive library of sales collateral–emails, blogs, videos, and booklets–created to support both client-facing and internal communications.

Solidifying a visual brand.

SimplePart’s branding was outdated and inconsistent. After a website overhaul, I integrated SimplePart’s updated visual brand across all platforms and worked with the Marketing Team to launch multiple cross-channel campaigns.  

I created two types of collateral:

Tutorials: One-pagers, booklets, and videos outlining tips and tricks to help current clients succeed with their online store.

Sales: Emails, social media campaigns, and handouts to promote sales and drive customers to our clients’ online store.

Teaching myself new skills.

With only beginner experience in video editing and no experience in motion graphics, I took on the task of creating a series of video tutorials that taught VW’s dealers how to navigate their custom parts website.

I picked up Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro during this project, and have continued to learn while creating monthly videos for clients and SimplePart’s YouTube channel.

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Digestible content for a busy audience.

I create eye-catching and straightforward content that appeals to a busy audience. Striking images, gifs, and large banners are used to grab the consumer’s attention and drive them towards the main call to action.