OEM Marketing
B2B/B2C marketing collateral for top automotive manufacturers across digital and print.
SimplePart's marketing department was originally focused on SEO/SEM optimization. Email promotions and campaigns sent on behalf of our clients were generic and sent to every brand. Alongside updating SimplePart's own collateral, I created branded marketing for each of their OEM clients.
Clients and customers were receiving generic email promotions alongside an unbranded and dull customer experience.
Create brand-specific B2B/B2C marketing collateral for SimplePart's 18 OEM partners (Lexus, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc.) and their dealerships to market their online store.

Email marketing for top automotive dealerships

As the sole designer working alongside the marketing department, I positioned our team as the go-to resource for when SimplePart's clients want to run a nationwide campaign.

With striking images and gifs, emails for each brand stands independently and is visually identifiable from the others. Eye-catching and straightforward graphics appeal to our busy target audience by driving them towards the main call to action–shopping online.

Leveraging social media to drive customers

One of the services that SimplePart's marketing department offers is to provide assets that our clients can download and use on their own platforms to promote sales. These include display ads and images for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Becoming the designated video producer and animator

Within months of starting at SimplePart in 2017, I taught myself Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro to make video tutorials for Volkswagen. From then on, I became the designated designer for all videos SimplePart produces for themselves and for their clients.

UNC Admissions