Integrated marketing content to drive sales and engage clients.

SimplePart is an e-commerce solution provider for the auto parts industry. As a designer, I kickstarted the production of our comprehensive library of marketing collateral–emails, blogs, videos, handouts, and booklets–created to support both client-facing and internal communications. In a nutshell, I design marketing materials for both B2B and B2C.

Solidifying visual brands.

SimplePart’s branding was outdated and inconsistent. After a website overhaul, I integrated SimplePart’s updated visual brand across all platforms and worked with the Marketing Team to launch multiple cross-channel campaigns that solidified our online presence.

On the client side, I kickstarted the effort to personalize our collateral for each brand instead of relying on generic graphics. The materials I create are aligned with SimplePart or the client's brand in order to provide a personalized and integrated experience, with many projects extrapolated for multiple OEM's.

What I create spans both digital and print, including: infographics, one-pagers, booklets, conference collateral, emails, social media campaigns, display ads, gifs, and videos.

Teaching myself new skills.

Starting out with minimal experience in video editing and no experience in motion graphics, I took on Volkswagen's request to create a series of video tutorials that taught their dealers how to navigate their custom parts website.

I picked up Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro during this project, and have continued to expand my knowledge while creating engaging videos for our clients. Most recently I've created a hype video for NNA dealers just joining our program, as well as a How-To tutorial series for on-boarding dealers.

Hype VideoHow-To Series

Working with multiple brands.

Through striking images, gifs, and large banners, each distinct OEM stands out and remains visually identifiable from the others. My work is eye-catching, straightforward, and appeals to our busy target audience by driving them towards the main call to action.