Creating a unique and recognizable brand identity throughout campus as the Creative Director with several student designers.
TEDxUNC is the annual TED conference planned by UNC students. I was part of the team, specifically the Graphics Team, that planned and organized the conference each year. Each year the conference revolves around a specific theme and features nationwide speakers on these topics. I grew up watching TED talks and have met some of my best friends from this organization.
Transform a vague theme into a unique and recognizable brand identity across campus.
Take each theme's core idea to create a logo and style with a team of six student designers. Create social media, flyers, merchandise (stickers, t-shirts, pins), and posters to publicize the conference.

Bodies: Being Human

The theme for the 2016-2017 conference was “Bodies: Being Human,” where we discussed ideas ranging from tech advances in body parts to loving your own body to pushing your body to its physical and mental limit.

We wanted to find a simple way to convey the body and all of its complexity. The heart is integral to the body’s functions, and designing it low-poly symbolizes all of the intricate pieces involved in a body.

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2017-2018’s conference, Home, explored ideas surrounding what is considered a home and how that changes from a personal to a global scale.

In terms of branding, simplifying the idea of "Home” was difficult, since we wanted to avoid imagery of houses as every home is different. Instead, we focused on the feeling of safety, comfort, and familiarity found in a home. Colorful, flat-line icons were used because of their simplicity and playfulness, intended to remind attendees of their childhood.

Mentorship, collaboration, validation

This was the first time I got the chance to design on behalf of a company beyond the classroom, and the experience of collaborating with like-minded designers is one of my most valuable experiences to date. One of the greatest and validating feelings in the world is seeing a project that you’ve worked tirelessly on come to life.