Wine Place & Origins

Learning to build organic engagement online as the company’s first in-house designer.

As the first in-house designer at CLS Strategies, one of the clients I worked with was the Wine Origins Alliance. Their mission was to highlight the importance of correctly identifying the location from which a wine is made. Upon being assigned this client, I noticed that while they were active on Facebook and Twitter, their engagemnt decreased significantly after stopping paid advertisements.

Personalized > Generic

The Wine Origins Alliance mainly posted photos of nondescript vineyards with a wine fact and generic captions. While each post got 1-3 likes, I noticed those that were about one specific wine region (and had tagged that region) had a lot more engagement.

My solution was to create personalized infographics featuring each wine region in order to distinguish its unique traits and facts from others. Each region would be tagged in their respective post so they can interact on their own accounts.

29 infographics, two months

I pitched my idea to the Account Manager (who loved the idea!), and then went on to create 29 unique infographics over two months of my internship, alongside my other client projects. The infographics were inspired by each wine region’s online presence. Additionally, I created a set of graphics that compared two wine regions’ labels against each other and included steps on how to read them.

A learning experience

By the end of my internship, organic engagement was slightly higher than before but not significantly. This was probably because there was no prior research done or available that outlined the target audience. In recreating this project, I would've researched more about the audience in order to identify what type of media would be most engaging.

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