Wine Place & Origin
Building organic social media engagement as the company’s first in-house designer.
The Wine Origins Alliance aims to inform the public about the importance of location when making wine. The majority of their posts on Facebook and Twitter consist of nondescript vineyards with a wine fact and a generic caption. I worked with this client with CLS Strategies as the first Digital Production Intern.
The Wine Origins Alliance had little engagement on social media, averaging about 1-3 likes per post.
Take advantage of all the wine regions involved by creating personalized infographics that highlighted each area's unique traits and facts. Tag each respective region's social media to encourage online engagement from each region's accounts.

29 infographics, two months

I pitched my idea to the Account Manager (who loved the idea!), and then went on to create 29 unique infographics over two months of my internship, alongside my other client projects. The infographics were inspired by each wine region’s online presence. Additionally, I created a set of graphics that compared two wine regions’ labels against each other and included steps on how to read them.

A learning experience

By the end of my internship, organic engagement was slightly higher than before but not significantly. This was probably because there was no prior research done or available that outlined the target audience. In recreating this project, I would've researched more about the audience in order to identify what type of media would be most engaging.